They lifted the Google SEO veil – just a little

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Google analytics and SEO can seem like a mystic art at times. Well google just released a new help page that helps demystify one portion of their ecosystem. The new page explains in detail how impressions, position and clicks are measured. This applies specifically to the Search Analytics report, one of google’s webmaster tools which you can use to do a deep analysis of your search traffic.

SEO Search analytics report


The information here is not likely to help your average one-man blog owner. For digital and marketing agencies however, this may be a big help. First, it will clarify a lot of assumptions about what kinds of links and traffic are counted. The document even goes into detail about how scrolling past results is measured! Secondly, they say it’s a living document that will be updated over time which makes it even more valuable.

Google SEO Performance Pacman

What Position is Pacman?

I found the details about position to be very interesting because it confirms that all links within a single element have the same position. It may seem obvious but here google confirms it and there’s no wondering how they count the positions for things inside the AMP carousel for example.


Also, the detail explaining the nuance of the position metric is quite good because they explain how position values can mean different things in different situations and stress to focus on monitoring the position over time rather than simply shooting for a lower number.

I strongly recommend reading this document if you spend time analysing website traffic. The slightly goofy diagrams alone may be worth it! If you need help with your SEO please get in touch and we can help demystify it further.

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Thanks for your interest but we are no longer taking projects.

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