City Saga Shows History Where It Happened

Beacon Enabled App Begins The City Saga

CITY SAGA values history where it happened. Through mobile digital storytelling in communities and neighborhoods, they help original places to thrive; helping users to learn and share the history and meaning of their communities. With the City Saga Beacon enabled App, users interested in history can walk the streets where past events happened, and become immersed in a real-world experience aided by audio and maps with stories of the history that happened at different locations.

Beacon technology connects digital to physical

Like a tour guide in your smart phone, the app guides you to several key physical locations that serve as entry points to the tour using GPS. Beacons stationed at these entry points then alert you when you are within proximity and direct you to an audio piece that speaks about the history of your current location. Download the app now in from iTunes or from Google Play.

The new CITY SAGA project for Auburn Avenue in Atlanta, shares the inspirational story of how this internationally significant place came to thrive in the face of great adversity and then lead the world in the quest for equality through civil and human rights. In addition, an interactive website of CITY SAGA locations connects multiple places. Together, they provide a unique and detailed experience that shares new insights on the nature and meaning of places.

Eventually, a web of City Saga locations could be established to connect multiple sites, providing detailed, customized experiences that provide new insights on the nature and meaning of cities and places. With the custom beacon, geo-location and map integration, the app gives a snapshot of where you are, and what has been there with narration instead of guesswork.

This project, created in partnership with Kango Labs, provided an exciting opportunity to design and create an engaging user experience. It also called out to the very roots of who we are as proud members of our home city of Atlanta. Illuminating the past, for the benefit of the future, the City Saga App indeed has a bright road ahead.


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Beacon Enabled App Begins The City Saga Beacon Enabled App Begins The City Saga Beacon Enabled App Begins The City Saga

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