Greet, meet and complete with the City University of New York's LINCT to Success website.

CUNY LINCT to Success Website

We are proud to help the City University of New York reach potential students with a fresh, responsive website that is eye-catching and easy to navigate.

CUNY’s LINCT to Success program works with high schools to help kids at New York City schools prepare for college, and they continue to offer resources to students who matriculate at a CUNY community college. The program provides students with textbooks, workbooks, peer mentoring, and many other benefits to high school students so that they can reduce the remedial classes that they take in college, saving them time and money. It also offers much-needed paid work to students who have already experienced transitioning from high school to college and can offer advice and support. Studies have found that students who participate in LINCT’s high school program have consistently higher scores in math and literacy. When students are better prepared for college, they have the confidence and skills they need to graduate.

Having access to academic advisement and information about professional workshops is essential for  students’ success, so we have helped provide a site that has clear, descriptive tabs that are easy to navigate on the computer or any mobile device. Students can quickly find what they are looking for and focus on doing their best in school. They can easily connect to LINCT on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The website includes seamless photos of campus life and the LINCT to Success staff. An intuitive layout lets students connect with the passionate people at LINCT, painlessly.

The staff, advisors, and students in the LINCT program are all on a mission to make the dream of college graduation a reality. Passion for making dreams easier to achieve has brought us together, and we are happy to help the City University of New York’s LINCT to Success program prepare students for meaningful careers.


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CUNY LINCT to Success Website CUNY LINCT to Success Website CUNY LINCT to Success Website

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