Sharpdot Builds Digital Displays For Universal Studios

DEEL Carbon Digital Display at Universal Studios

The Universal Studios Orlando Wait Time Digital Display is used in the theme park to let guests know approximately how long the wait is for a ride.
It is scheduled using the standard web based system. It also includes a keypad input so that ride operators on the spot can update the wait time throughout the day. The application requires operators to key in a secret code to be able to adjust the time displayed. The code is configurable so it can be rotated for security. The digital display was custom designed to fit well with the theme of the ride.

The Universal Studios Orlando Pinks Order Number Digital Display is used one of the theme park’s counter service restaurants to let guests know when their order is ready for pickup. The application includes digital displays for the kitchen staff as well as for guests. The kitchen staff digital display includes custom visual instructions and a keypad input to make it easy for them to enter order numbers whenever they are ready for pickup.

We helped to create the interactivity, and programming for the front-end interface interactivity and back-end code. The main system’s data is all dynamically sourced and managed through a web based scheduling portal including translations, search and the ability to manage multiple locations.


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