Empathetics WordPress Website Redesign

Empathetics provides innovative empathy and interpersonal skills training for medical professionals leveraging new, scientifically proven methods that enhance human relationships and make medical practice more effective and efficient. They needed a new fresh look to their WordPress website redesign, and given our success with creating their mobile app, it was a natural next project.

Groundbreaking research conducted at the Massachusetts General Hospital has demonstrated that empathy training can significantly improve the quality of human interactions. In the healthcare industry, more than 80% of malpractice claims are filed due to communication failures. Negative consequences of uncompassionate communication threaten the effectiveness of the overall healthcare experience for patients and their families. The new Empathetics website redesign has been a key tool to help make these improvements available to the healthcare industry, by making it easier to learn about and participate in the Empathetics curriculum that is offered.

Built on the popular blogging tool WordPress, the site has been upgraded to a complete Content Management System. With clear advantages because of it’s ease of use for content creators, and it’s streamlined ability to build a custom theme. WordPress was the number one choice for the redesign and build.

Re-designed with mobile devices and tablets in mind, the new site boasts a sleek responsive state for an enhanced user experience depending on what device the site is viewed on. Whether it’s a doctor on the go on a cell phone, or an administrative health-care professional, participants of the Empathetics curriculum will now be able to access key skills and exercises on any device that is most convenient.

During the design process, it was crucial to reflect their brand in a modern way. This was accomplished in a way that didn’t depart from the branding. Instead it added a fresh new¬†approach with a sleek matte finish, and contemporary design styles. The overall challenge of the design was to make the site¬† come across as warm and inviting, while still catering to the more administrative industry.


Empathetics WordPress Website Redesign Empathetics WordPress Website Redesign

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