Minerva Beauty's Mobile Site Got a New Look...

Minerva Mobile Magento Website Redesign

Minerva Beauty provides quality salon equipment that is both original and affordable. Based northeast of Atlanta, they feature an enormous showroom of over 100,000 square feet. With their proximity to the Atlanta airport, this allows their international customer base to come out and view all of their equipment and furniture in person. They even offer flight reimbursement program.

We have worked with Minerva Beauty for a while maintaining their flagship Magneto e-commerce website. Like many websites today, an overwhelming majority of their site’s traffic comes from mobile devices, especially salon owners who are on the go, and busy running their business. The challenge was clear, create a better mobile experience for their users, as well as drive more conversions and sales.

After thoroughly studying what their users want, we designed a mobile solution, based on a theme switcher that detects mobile and tablet devices. We were able to design and reorganize the content for the mobile experience to get the customer where they wanted to go, quicker, and with less fuss. Built on Magento, the Minerva Mobile site had all of the built in features that the normal Magento desktop site has, but we were able to consolidate a lot of the Magento templates into drop-down screens, to provide a simpler experience, and less page loads.

Minerva is a high volume retailer, and to help with Marketing and promotions, we created a Holiday Sale Theme Switcher. The Theme Switcher coordinates with a banner promos slider to create a cohesive look and feel in support of the holiday sale and promotion. Ultimately driving more sales through awareness of the sales season, it adds another dimension to keep the website experience new and updated.

One of the biggest impacts the redesign has made is with making the most popular user actions more prominent. The majority of their clients still preferred getting on the phone to get instant customer support, so the mobile experience includes a floating Phone Call button that is docked in the lower right-hand corner of every screen. The other big challenge for their client base, was the number of people who wanted to go to the shipping estimator. By making call-out banners through the site, moving additional links into the main nav, and placing them in more highly trafficked locations, they have been able to eliminate questions on how to get to the shipping estimator, and more sales.


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