Playback ACP's Magento Site Goes Live!

Playback ACP Magento Website

Sharpdot and Playback are working together with the American College of Physicians to redesign PlaybackACP into a robust modern day responsive website. As the organization that hosts accreditation and board exams for doctors, ACP needed PlaybackACP to provide another layer of testing and learning management software beyond the Playback Now platform that Sharpdot originally built.

Playback Now who captures and delivers conference content through video and other available media needed to expand upon the platform that has been built on top of the Magento e-commerce system. They needed to add in another layer of quizzing alongside the conference videos, make them available in another product format for training, and the give doctors the ability to submit their results for CME and MOC Point credit. As the the website that helps doctors keep their accreditation to legally practice medicine, it was imperative an intuitive and easy to use system was created to fit into a Doctor’s busy schedule.

The courses that are available through PlaybackACP provide comprehensive reviews and interactive case-based studies to optimize the learning experience. They also include tips for improving test-taking strategies in order to strengthen confidence. The courses are lead by expert faculty with extensive experience, so doctors are getting the very best in board exam preparation delivered right to their devices.

We are proud to help develop the PlaybackACP website. We know that our seamless and intuitive design will make it easy for doctors to stay accredited and stay on top of their knowledge base. Helping doctors fit education and testing into their busy schedule will help make the world a little more pleasant for them, and more enriching for us.

Key Points:

– Redesigned a responsive website
– Upgraded the Magento version
– Built a testing application that pauses and plays video along with the quiz.
– Created a video platform (similar to YouTube) where conference attendees can watch sessions they missed or re-watch sessions, or get access to watch older sessions.



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